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My OCs! Desc!

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Backstories[Sorry if it isn’t super detailed or descriptive, I couldn’t add a ton]:

Luna was born on earths moon with her parents and family. Unlike most mooniers, she didn’t have a power. The powers are normally that you can read minds, time travel, space travel, become invisible, or telekinesis. Luna’s parents didn’t know she didn’t have a power until she was around 2 - 3 years old. They had to send her away. Her father didn’t really care, but her mother put up a fight. Out of the people who took her, there was one kind person, who helped her. He had told her he would help her escape, but she was so scared that once they had left a few days laterafter a she ran to a moonier spaceship heading to earth. The spaceship instead went to a cloud kingdom floating above the earth.
When they got there she snuck off of the ship and was walking through the hallways and bumped into a fox. The fox was walking around very proud and her head was held high. Luna apologized and tried to dash away. The fox stopped her and said,
“I’m Princesses Cloud! What’s your name?”
“Um... I’m Lu-Luna.” She said.
“Alright! Hello Luna! Can we be friends?!”
“Sure, I’ve never had friends before.”
“Aw that’s sad!”

Cloud was born at the sky kingdom, it was a palace floating above earth, where all the sky animals lived. One day, when she was a few months old she was sleeping when someone grabbed her by the neck with their teeth. She thought it was her mother, so she didn’t struggle. The animal took her to a room down on earth. She woke up scared and didn’t know where she was. A whiteish grayish fox came in and told her not to worry and that she would be safe. Cloud grew up with the fox, and the fox protected her. When Cloud was a few years old, another fox came in, who was a light gray color and was speaking with the fox who cared for her. After a minutes she snuck out of her room to listen. They were talking about her. “You kept her!? You were only supposed to protect her until the moon Queen was done visiting!” Said the new fox. “I’m sorry! I-I didn’t know when it would be safe and I couldn’t contact you!” “For 3 years?! Don’t tell me you’ve grown attached to it.” “ I’m sorry. I will send her back now.” “Good.” Said the new fox. He turned around and left. Cloud sprinted back to her room before her protector came back in. She never knew his name, and she never would. He was sending her away! She started crying and he must have heard because he came in to check on her. He whispered, “I’m sorry”. The next day they left and went back to the sky kingdom. As soon as they arrived she was licked and embraced by another fox, and she didn’t recognize her until she could smell it. It was her mother! She licked her back and nuzzled her. Two years later, she was walking in the hallway when she bumped into someone. Another fox. The fox apologized and tried to dash away but Cloud stopped her. “Hello! I’m Princess Cloud! What’s your name?” “I-I’m L-Luna. Nice to m-meet you.” “Can we be friends? I’ve never had that many friends.” Said Cloud. “Sure.” Said Luna “I’ve never had friends”

The two became good friends and once they grew up, Princess Cloud became Queen and Luna became her closest and most trusted adviser. Her powers were unlocked once she had to protect Queen Cloud. Her powers were Telekinesis, Space Travel, and Mind Reading. She also became the Queens guard. Once there were traveling to the moon, and Queen Cloud was allowed in, for the meeting but Luna was not. She started getting worried because the queen wasn’t coming out.
Something bit the back of her neck and she was knocked out.
As soon as she woke up there was a tall white wolf with gray eyes in the room. She started screaming and asking where her friend was.
“She’s alright. I’ll go get her” the wolf said. A few minutes later he came back with Queen Cloud and Luna was so relieved. They all went back to the cloud kingdom, and the white wolf, who’s name was Storm came with them too because he didn’t want to live under the rule of the evil moon Queen.
Over time, Storm and Cloud fell in love. After a year, Luna was captured. They tried to take her back to the Queen of the moon. When they spent the night, a young guard, around luna’s age, came and let her out. He helped her get back to a ship but she didn’t know how to turn it on. He helped her but he ended up coming with her. He was an all black fox with dark gray eyes. He said his name was Shadow. He was like her, he had multiple powers, but instead of three he only had two. Over time he trained her and they started having feelings for each other. They fell in love!

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