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Day 1 - Rock/Yoga Warrior | Self Growth & Learning | Tree Pose

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Practise yoga with me for 7 days in a row with Rock/Yoga Warrior series! ????????‍♀️????????‍♂️

Showing up consistently is beautiful... and powerful ????

Each day we will focus on different part of the body and each time I will share a little paragraph or a lesson I learnt from the Rock Warriors Way, written by Arno Ilgner ????

Today, On Day 1 we are focusing on Self Growth & Learning as well as exploring the Tree pose and the strength of our lower body.

Enjoy the practice and see you tomorrow for a Day 2 of our Rock/Yoga Warrior Series ????


'The Rock Warriors Way' by Arno Ilgner (if you purchase this book from the link below I receive a small commission at no additional cost for you. Thanks!)

Check out Arno Ilgner's website:


Let's connect:

Yoga Retreat in El Chorro:

If You want to support me with this YouTube Yoga for Climbers project, you can do so below ????

(00:05) Intro 7 Days of Yoga
(00:59) Day 1 - Self Growth & Learning
(01:47) Let's begin

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